The Counter-Strike Pick'Em Challenge offers a thrilling and interactive experience for enthusiasts of the renowned first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike. This challenge is a testament to the participants' profound knowledge and tactical acumen, as they predict match outcomes during key tournaments. This challenge is available during select Valve-sponsored events, allowing players to engage in the Pick'Em Challenges. Here, players select teams they believe will advance and win in certain matches, earning points that go towards an exclusive event coin. Mark your calendars for the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, kicking off on March 17th. Be aware that the prediction simulator will lock any edits after this date. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this exciting event and possibly win skins. Log in now to join in on the action.

Major Pick'Em Prizes

Exclusive Weapon Skins: Winners could receive unique, limited-edition weapon skins that are not available through regular in-game purchases or drops. These skins would be themed around the Major, featuring designs that commemorate the specific event, possibly even including signatures of top players from the tournament. Custom Player Badges: Participants could earn special badges to display on their profiles, signifying their achievement in the Pick'Em challenge. These badges could vary in design and prestige, depending on the participant's accuracy in their predictions, with the most accurate predictors receiving the most elaborate and coveted badges. In-Game Currency or Points: Winners could be rewarded with in-game currency or points that can be used to purchase items from the game's store. This could include credits to buy new skins, characters, or other cosmetic items to enhance their gaming experience.


The CS Major Pick'Em predictions are a pivotal and highly anticipated aspect of the Counter-Strike esports scene. In this event, fans and players alike dive into the thrill of forecasting the outcomes of matches in the prestigious Counter-Strike Global Offensive Major Championships. Participants meticulously analyze team performances, player statistics, historical match results, and current form to make informed predictions on which teams will triumph in each stage of the tournament. Our partners are excited to provide their own views on Copenhagen MGL Major outcomes


1. CS Major Pick'Em: How to participate?

As soon as a new Major begins and Valve activates the Pick'Em event in the CS2 client, our website will tap into the official Steam APls ( to display live tournament data.
    Your part is simple and involves two steps:
  • • Log into our website using your Steam account (Remember, your password should never be shared with anyone).
  • • Navigate to the settings page, acquire an official Game Authentication Code from, and enter it on our site.

That's all there is to it! We will communicate with Valve to access your Pick'Em choices. Once the stages for making picks are open and you have a clear idea of which teams are advancing, we'll let Valve know your selections for the winners!

2. CS Major Pick'Em: How to win prizes

During the days of event check the results of matches and look at what predictions did pay out.